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Buckhead Toilet Replacement

If you need your Buckhead toilet replaced but don’t have a lot of money to hire someone to do it for you, this could be the perfect DIY project. Toilet replacement can be tricky but with some patience and knowledge, you can get the project done quickly and have it working in no time.

If your toilet has stopped working, is damaged, or has worn down due to its age, it may be time to replace it with a newer model. Replacing a toilet involves three primary tasks: removing your current toilet, removing and replacing the wax ring, and installing a new unit for the toilet. Before jumping in to all of this, it is important to know the different types of toilets available that will fit your bathroom. Do your research to ensure that you are getting the best toilet to meet your needs and your budget. Some models come in one piece although you will most likely have to buy the base of the toilet and the tank separately. You will have to purchase additional parts if the tank doesn't include all the parts needed to do the installation. Those parts include flush valve kits, fill valve kits, a wax ring kit, finishing caps for the mounting bolts, a cement mixing tub, water supply valve, and a tank hose.

Tools you will need to do the Buckhead toilet replacement are: a screwdriver with a flat head, a socket wrench or an open end wrench, a plastic scraper, small hack saw, plastic garbage bags, latex gloves, paper towels, and a box cutter or utility knife. To start the removal process, turn off the valve to your water supply and take the lid off the tank of the toilet. Make sure you flush your toilet to ensure that the water pressure is alleviated and disconnect and remove the water supply valve hose. Remove all bolt caps that are mounted onto the toilet base and unscrew the lock nuts. This is where the small hack saw comes in handy; it can remove the bolts if they are stripped or corroded. Score off the caulking on the toilet base, then put the mixing tub next to the toilet base. Once you remove the bolts, lift the unit off the floor with your legs and put it in the mixing tub. Using the plastic scraper, remove all wax from around ring. Take the bolts off the sewer flange and clean up the leftover wax.

If there is no damage, the installation process is easy. Center the wax ring into the sewer flange. Install mounting bolts on the flange edge, put the toilet on top of the wax ring and bring the bolts up through the mounting holes that are on either side of the toilet base. The wax ring will compress around the drain pipe by pushing down on the unit. Install the finishing washers onto the anchor bolts and make sure they are tightened so the toilet doesn’t move.

To finish off your Buckhead toilet replacement project, install the tank to the toilet as per the directions, hook up the valve to the water supply and the hose for the water tank, and turn the water supply on. Allow your tank to fill up with water but pay close attention to any leaks. Install the toilet seat and the project is now finished.