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Brookhaven Water Heater Installation

Water heater installation is a great DIY project if you don't have the money to pay a professional in Brookhaven to do it for you. The installation process is easy and almost hassle-free. Not only will it make for a great Brookhaven home improvement project, but it can save you approximately $400 or more depending on where you live. If you are not too savvy with DIY projects around your home, you can still install the water heater although you may need a little more time to complete the job. If you are up for the challenge, this is the perfect project for you.

Before starting the project you will need the following tools:

1. A water heater that is of the same size or larger. Do not install a smaller water heater.

2. Fittings that are 3/4 size - You will need two of these couplings as well as some elbows. Check to see what type of pipe you have leading into your water heater. If you have a galvanized pipe you will have to get conversion fittings to adapt the pipes for proper installation.

3. Black pipe fittings - you will need at least 3 to 4 black pipe couplings of 1/2 size as well as elbows. These will be used to shorten or extend the gas line that connects to the water heater.

4. Two 3/4 dielectrics - Every time you install a new water heater you will need to replace the dielectrics that fit the piping material in your home.

5. A T & P valve (this usually comes with a new heater)

6. Flux, torch, solder, and sand paper

7. Offset pliers or channel locks

8. Pipe wrench

9. Teflon tape or pipe thread solution

10. Traditional garden hose

Now that you have the right tools for your water heater installation, the first thing you need to do is turn off the mail water supply and the gas valve to the line that runs to the heater. Connect the garden hose to the bottom of your heater and run it to a floor drain. Turn the valve on to let the heater drain. At this point, turn on all faucets in your home and leave them in that position allowing the water to drain out much faster.

While the water drains, take the new water heater out of the box. Dope the pipe on the two shafts that are located on top of the water heater, screw on the dielectrics, and pipe dope the T &P valve threads. Screw the valve into either side of the heater and the water heater is now ready to be installed. Once you have the water drained from the old water heater, disconnect the gas pipe and the rest of the piping on the old water heater. Use the channel locks to disconnect the water pipes and the dielectric. Cut the old dielectrics off the piping. Once everything is disconnected and the old water heater is empty, remove the heater out of the way leaving enough room to move the new heater in its place. Line up the new heater to the pipes and connect the pipes for the water to your new heater using the fittings. If you have cooper piping in your home you will have to solder the dielectrics to the water pipes. Replace and tighten the dielectrics and turn on the water supply. Continue to leave the faucets in your home on when the new heater is filling up so any built-up air will bleed out of the piping system. Once you have done this, hook the gas piping on to the heater. Then turn off all faucets once you have determined that the air has completely bled out of the piping system. Once the water heater fills up, you will need to light it which shouldn't be difficult as most water heaters have a system that manually lights up the heater. Water heater installation can be a very easy project for anyone to complete. If you know the difference between your pipes in your home and the materials they are made from, you can install a water heater in a few hours without paying a professional saving you hundreds of dollars. If not, Morningside plumbing has the experience and skill to handle your Brookhaven plumbing needs.